Varg Eyeware Exhibit 20×20

  • Custom Modular Construction
  • 20 x 20, 10 x 20, and 10 x 10 Reconfigurations
  • Multiple Graphic Lightboxes
  • Full-size Storage Closet
  • Reception Counter with USB Charging Ports
  • Backlit Graphics in Multiple Sizes
  • Wraparound Banner (Island)
  • Casual and Semi-private Conference Areas
  • Fabric-lined, Jigged Crates with Customized Packaging
  • Made in the USA

Varg Eyeware Exhibit 10×10


Varg Eyeware Exhibit 10×20

Varg Eyeware Exhibit 20×20 (Currently Viewing)

Varg Eyeware Exhibit 20×20 Description

This simple and elegant island design has dramatic angles and fabric lightboxes. The Varg Eyeware Exhibit 20×20 island has a wrap-around header supported by four doubled-sided lightboxes. Those lightboxes are constructed to reconfigure into the 20 ft. and 10 ft. inlines seamlessly. The 16 ft. header sign ensures visibility across the show hall. Practical additions include tablet stands, full-size closet, monitor mount, and literature holder. There’s even a reception counter with locking storage and (4) USB charging ports for customers who need a quick charge on their phone or tablet.  Once inside the booth, your guests can relax since there’s ample room for furniture, whether you chose lounge chairs or tables and chairs.

Browse through the island gallery where you’ll see a wide range of options and prices. These are meant to generate ideas. There are no cookie cutter designs. We’ll design the island exhibit that matches your specific marketing goals and budget.

Many islands are re-configurable to smaller inlines or larger islands. Want to see this island with your branding? No problem. Give us a call at 202-596-8910 or email us at [email protected].

Varg Eyeware Exhibit 20×20 In the Box

• Engineered Aluminum Structure
• Large Format Tension Fabric and Direct Print Graphics
• (4) Double-sided SEG Lightboxes (various sizes)
• (1) Large Double-sided SEG Header (approx. 72″ W x 68″ H)
• (1) Small SEG Graphic (approx. 43″ W x 41″ H)
• (1) Full-size Closet (31″ D x 72″ W x 96″ H)
• (1) Two-side Perimeter Banner with Fabric Graphic (18 in. H)
• (1) Counter with Locking Doors, Shelf, and MOD-225 USB Charging Ports
• (3) Tablet Stands with Rotating Clamshell
• (1) Monitor Mount
• (8) Metal Literature Holders
• Casual Conference Area (excludes furniture)
• Includes All Tension Fabric and Direct Print Graphics Shown
• Includes Fabric-Lined Crate(s) with Customized Jigging and Reusable Packaging
• Excludes Furniture and Monitor
• Made in the USA
• Note: Re-configuration May Require Additional Components. Request Details
Custom Modular Assembly: Locking Hex Key Connections (tool included)

The lead time for the Varg Eyeware 20×20 Exhibit is 20 Days.

• Production lead times are based on business days and DO NOT include any shipping days.
• Production-ready artwork (when applicable) must accompany the order confirmation. Delays in uploading artwork may lead to expedited charges or shipping changes.
• No order will be released to Production without a signed order confirmation.
• Shipping is based on the availability of materials and graphics. Additional charges may apply if materials or graphics must be expedited.
• Shorter lead times may be available based on schedule openings in Customer Service and Production. Rush charges may apply.
• Standard lead times do not apply to orders of multiple quantities.
• Please check for product availability on ALL RENTAL exhibits.

Exhibit Weight varies depending on the packaging and the shipping method. Variables include but are not limited to:

• Dimensional Weight vs. Actual Weight: Dimensional weight is defined as crate or case size. On most air shipments, the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight
• Portable Cases vs. Wood Crates or Molded Tubs (where applicable): Exhibit designs that require one wood crate would require multiple portable cases. Selecting one vs. the other affects the total weight (dimensional or actual).
• Freight Carrier: LTL carriers (Less than Truckload) quote freight based on space used. UPS, FedEx, and air freight carriers quote freight based on either the dimensional or the actual weight of the shipment.
• Freight Service Level (number of days): Service levels range from Same Day Delivery to Two Week Delivery.

For more information about exhibit weights and freight options, please contact us at 202-596-8910 or email us at [email protected].

To request Setup Instructions please contact us at 202-596-8910 or email us at [email protected]

To request Graphic Dimensions please contact us at 202-596-8910 or email us at [email protected]


Shipping Cost TBD

• Freight Carrier: LTL carriers (Less than Truckload) quote freight based on space used. UPS, FedEx, and air freight carriers quote freight based on either the dimensional or the actual weight of the shipment.
• Freight Service Level (number of days): Service levels range from Same Day Delivery to Two Week Delivery.

For shipping questions please call us at 202-596-8910 or email us at [email protected].

To request Brochures for this product please contact us at 202-596-8910 or email us at [email protected]

DC Exhibits warranties the performance of its portable, modular, and custom hybrid systems during normal use, excluding excessive wear and tear, as per the instructions. This covers the workmanship and locking systems as long as the exhibit has a useful life. All remaining parts are covered against defective materials or workmanship as long as the exhibit is in service. The warranty is transferable should the product be sold or assigned to another party.

DC Exhibits cannot be held responsible for damages due to abuse, misuse, or shipping damages. This warranty does not cover laminate cracks and chips, wood crate and roto-molded case damage (excluding workmanship), aluminum extrusion scuffs, mars, and scratches from normal use, and graphics wear and tear or misuse. DC Exhibits is not responsible for lost or missing parts once the owner has assembled, accepted, and used the product.

Should there be any questions regarding the warranty, please contact us at 202-596-8910 or email us at [email protected].

Electrical, Cord, and Wire Management varies depending on the display and each exhibitor’s requirements. When ordering your trade show display, consider the following electrical/wire management issues and discuss your options with an exhibit professional:

• Inline vs. Island Displays
• Lead Retrieval Devices
• Computer and Monitor Cables
• Demo Equipment
• Overhead Lighting
• Grommets and Grommet Placement in Counters
• Overhead vs. Floor Power Supply
• Flooring and Electrical Wiring
• Options for Hiding Cords and Cables
• Flat vs. Round Electrical Cords
• Multi-Plug Outlets and Extension Cords

By reviewing your wiring options BEFORE you order your display, you’ll save TIME and MONEY and ensure your exhibit exceeds your expectations and your installation is trouble-free.

Give us a call at 202-596-8910 or email us at [email protected] for your electrical and AV needs.

Specifically, what is an Island Exhibit?

Island exhibits are displays bordering 3-4 aisles, with the smallest starting at 20’ x 20’. Inline exhibits, by contrast, typically border 1 or 2 aisles and are usually 10’ x 10’ or 10’ x 20’.

A major benefit of island exhibits is that they do not have the same height and perimeter limitations as inline displays.

Note: Hanging signs are permitted above island booths.

Can an island exhibit be reconfigured into other configurations such as an inline or another island?

Yes and no. It depends on your island and inline design requirements. Most of the time those are close enough for a seamless reconfiguration.

Give us a call at 202-596-8910 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll show you design examples. Or, we’ll be happy to work on a “ground up” design specific to your marketing goals.

I reserved a 20′ x 30′ space for our industry show. I need an island, but I don’t have the budget to purchase one this year. What are my options?Renting an island exhibit is the ideal choice in this situation.

Renting is affordable, typically 30-40% of a purchase, and we have an extensive gallery of island and inline rental designs. If you don’t see something you like, no problem. About 50 percent of our rentals are new designs or modifications of existing designs. If it makes sense for you, and it makes sense for us, then we’re happy to create a unique configuration that meets all your trade show marketing requirements. See all your options in the Rental Gallery.

I don’t see an island that appeals to me or matches my exhibit marketing goals. Can you design one just for me?

Absolutely! When it comes to islands, it’s rare that someone purchases a kit “as is.” Nearly every island gets tweaked, or we start from scratch based on your requirements.

That’s the fun part of this process: designing a display that makes your trade show program successful.

Give us a call at 202-596-8910 or email us at [email protected]. We’ll meet with you to review your trade show marketing requirements, including your budget. Then we’ll work together to create an exhibit that maximizes your message and sales potential at your show.

What are the typical show regulations regarding island (and peninsula) exhibits in the United States?

Typical Island Show Regulations:

Regulations vary by exhibit hall but the following are typical:  Maximum height of 30′ in all areas of your booth allowed in North Hall and Central Halls 3-5. Maximum height of 20′ in all areas of your booth is allowed in Central Halls 1-2. Maximum height of 22′ in all areas of your booth allowed in South Halls. No limitations on the number of solid walls for your Island booth.

Note:  Hanging signs are permitted above island booths.


Canopies and Ceilings:

Canopies, including ceilings, umbrellas and canopy frames, can be either decorative or functional (such as to shade computer monitors from ambient light or for hanging products). Canopies for Linear or Perimeter Booths should comply with line-of-sight requirements.

The bottom of the canopy should not be lower than 7 ft. (2.13m) from the floor within 5 ft. (l.52m) of any aisle. Canopy supports should be no wider than three inches 3 in.(08m). This applies to any booth configuration that has a sight line restriction, such as a Linear Booth. Fire and safety regulations in many facilities strictly govern the use of canopies, ceilings, and other similar coverings. Check with the appropriate local agencies prior to determining specific exhibition rules.

Covered ceiling structures or enclosed rooms, including tents or canopies, shall have one smoke detector placed on the ceiling for every 900 square feet.

Hanging Signs and Graphics:

Hanging signs and graphics are permitted upon approval in all standard Peninsula, Island and Split Island Booths, with a maximum height of sixteen feet (16 ft.)(4.87m) to the top of the sign as measured from the floor

Whether suspended from above or supported from below, they should comply with all ordinary use-of-space requirements (for example, the highest point of any sign may not exceed the maximum allowable height for the booth type). Double-sided hanging signs and graphics shall be set back ten feet (10 ft.)(3.05m) from adjacent booths and be directly over contracted space only.

Theatrical Truss and Lighting:

Ceiling-supported theatrical truss and lighting are permitted in all standard Peninsula, Island and Spilt Island Booths to a maximum height of twenty feet (20 ft.)(6.1m) where ceiling permits. Ground-supported truss may not exceed the maximum allowable height for the booth type. Logos or graphics are not permitted over the sixteen-foot (l6fl)(4.87m) height restriction and must have four feet (4 ft.)(1.22m) of separation from the top of the sign to the top of the truss.

Exhibitors should adhere to the following suggested minimum guidelines when determining booth lighting:

• No lighting, fixtures, lighting trusses or overhead lighting is allowed outside the boundaries of the exhibit space.
• Exhibitors intending to use hanging light systems must submit drawings to NAMM for approval by the published deadline date.
• Lighting must be directed to the inner confines of the booth space. Lighting must comply with facility rules.
• Lighting which Is potentially harmful, such as lasers or ultraviolet lighting, should comply with facility rules and be approved in writing by exhibition management.
• Lighting that spins, rotates, pulsates, and other specialized lighting effects should be in good taste and not interfere with neighboring Exhibitors or otherwise detract from the general atmosphere of the event.
• Reduced lighting for theater areas should be approved by the exhibition organizer, the utility provider, and the exhibit facility.